Powder Bed Serie, 2018
color ink-jet, Z-Corps powder

The Vertices Vertigo series proposes the embodiment of a virtual gesture and tableaus with dimensions that are both haptic and ephemeral.Through a partnership with the Sirris research center, Eva L’Hoest revisits the Z-Corp print technology, a rapid prototype technology for the creation of industrial models. In this triptych, the printer is manually stopped during the printing process and the piece is revealed by the artist’s hands. The residual powder from the print reservoir, known as the “Powder Bed”, can still be seen on the surface of the piece. The highlighting technique, also called “bump map”, creates the transcription of a drawing in which the machine decodes the original hand-drawn line.The softness of the colors, their powdery texture and enhanced volume transform these works into tableaus of a new age in which the machine and the artist jointly produce a common emotion.

Extract from the BIP 2018 catalogue, Anne-Francoise Lesuisse, 2017